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Graphics, User Interfaces Microsoft has given a go-to-market name for its cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for delivering the next generation of user experiences and rich Internet applications for the Web. The technology formerly known as WPF/E is now known as Silverlight.
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It also supports Firefox and safari, sounds fairly cross platform to me. If Linux dev's pay the 300 bucks for the spec, they can write a player for Linux, and then it's truly cross platform. 300 bucks is nothing.

I think $300 is a massive amount given that most other web technologies' specs are free to view via the W3C (or other sources).

The impression I get is the only reason the specs are available to buy from Microsoft is so they can't be accused for breaking anti-trust laws (et al).

This to me is hardly any better.
MS still control the technology plus rather than going open source or investing time porting Silverlight on to other platforms, developers are paying MS for the 'privlage' to render Silverlight on their OS/webbrowser.

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