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OpenStep, GNUstep GNUstep Base 1.14.0 has been released: "This release continues the process of cleanup and restructuring to further improve MacOS-X compatibility, fix bugs, optimise performance, and improve portability between different hardware/operating system platforms." GNUstep Make 2.0.0 has also been released: "Version 2.0.0 is a new major release of gnustep-make which includes a number of major changes compared to previous 1.x releases."
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RE: hmm
by Jesuspower on Wed 18th Apr 2007 01:13 UTC in reply to "hmm"
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GNUStep was my primary environment for a year: then I got a Mac. I am setting up an email server now, and if I need a GUI for some reason, I will use the GNUStep environment again. I love it for its simplicity and speed. Its the one DE that I did not need to force to my workflow.
I've used XFCE (Made it look like BeOS), GNOME(I only like it with XFWM as the manager), KDE (ugh! ;) Used it when GNOME was trashier), and blackbox(when all I did was code. Its wonderful for that... keeps you focused, but a pain to configure).
Sometimes I wished MacOS X worked like GNUStep does (I know it used to).

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