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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Those flash-based laptops we're all dreaming about may be a lot cheaper than we expected. Asus just announced their plans to make five budget, solid state laptops this year priced from USD 199 to USD 549. Each machine will have a 7-inch display, and depending on the model it'll have a flash drive ranging from 1GB to 40GB. The lappies are expected later this year."
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A $199 laptop with flash drive? :)
by WereCatf on Wed 18th Apr 2007 08:33 UTC
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I wouldn't mind having one, even with just a 7" display. It most likely will not have much memory, the graphics card will suck and the processor will be slow.. But it'd be small, weigh less than most laptops, and wouldn't produce nearly as much heat or noise since it uses a flash drive. Oh, and I imagine the battery would last longer. The hdd on laptops is the one part that consumes the most amount of power, so a flash drive will significantly boost the operating time... With low specs I imagine it would still run Gentoo + XFCE quite nicely, I could browse the web, chat, do programming and play some simple games, not forgetting watching movies ;) Not bad, not bad at all ;)

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