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Hardware, Embedded Systems In this article, I'm going to explore the idea that the 8 bit home computer not only had a great deal to offer the prehistoric early-humans of 1985 but that it may also have a place in the modern world; perhaps, there is something that we can learn from it. Having identified the laudable, worthwhile elements of this class of machine, I'm going to make some suggestions towards a scheme that would embody these characteristics in the form of a machine that would have a place within the modern world.
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C64 can do more..
by csynt on Wed 18th Apr 2007 15:16 UTC
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* I want to go on-line to look something up and check my email: just about impossible.
* I'll listen to some MP3 music: not a chance.
* I'll write an article: just about possible. I hope that they accept submissions on 5.25inch floppy disk.

There is a cartridge called MMC64 (SD/MMC interface) that can accept Ethernet module [RRnet] or MP3 player module

Now, the MMC64 has its own interface, you can read text files, maybe its possible to edit them (and save directly to mmc).

As for the email. there is CONTIKI

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