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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Those flash-based laptops we're all dreaming about may be a lot cheaper than we expected. Asus just announced their plans to make five budget, solid state laptops this year priced from USD 199 to USD 549. Each machine will have a 7-inch display, and depending on the model it'll have a flash drive ranging from 1GB to 40GB. The lappies are expected later this year."
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A little more info
by Ravyne on Wed 18th Apr 2007 18:36 UTC
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Asus gives no specs directly, but the article does say that its based on Intel's ClassmatePC architiecture. The ClassmatePC page indicates specs as a 900mhz Pentium M with 400fsb and no L2 cache (seems to be a "Shelton" core), a 915 chipset, 256mb RAM, and a screen resolution of 800x480.

If the Asus kit meets this, its not too shabby. Its not directly comparable to a cheap-o laptop since its smaller and seems to meant for a more rough-and-tumble lifestyle.

7" is a bit small, it would be nice to have a 10" screen on the more expensive models. But the cost of LCDs has more to do with surface area than any other factor. The 915 IGP is nice though, since the drivers are open and its well supported under linux with, AFAIK, hardware acceleration of OpenGL.

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