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PC-BSD "iXsystems announced an agreement with Adobe Systems that will allow the next version of PC-BSD to have a Flash-enabled browser available on a default installation. The Linux version of Adobe's popular Flash player will run on PC-BSD using FreeBSD's Linux compatibility layer." In other news, snapshots of the development branch of PC-BSD are now available and built three times a week.
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RE: native Flash
by openwookie on Wed 18th Apr 2007 21:50 UTC in reply to "native Flash"
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This is nice for PC-BSD, but I really wish Adobe would release a native Flash plugin for the *BSDs in general.


There's nothing wrong the the *BSDs linux compatibility layer. This is what it is for, to run the binary only junk that is targeted at Linux (which is has a much bigger *audience than the BSDs combined I'm afraid).

Its not like there is a noticable performance hit by using it. If you have an example of why a "native binary" would be useful, I'd like to hear it.

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