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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Nokia's latest device, the N800 Internet Tablet, is unique, to say the least. It's not a smartphone, yet it can send and receive e-mail messages; it's not a phone, yet it can make phone calls; it's not a portable multimedia player; yet it can playback audio/video files; and it's not a notebook, yet it can browser the web. Are you confused yet? Alright, let's see if we can define the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. The N800 does a lot of things, but it can't be placed in any one of the multitude of portable categories. Nope, it's in a category all by itself."
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A few minor problems
by d3vi1 on Thu 19th Apr 2007 10:38 UTC
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I bought mine from the US almost 2 months ago, but I'm mostly using it in Europe.

In Europe the S signal for FM Radio is usually located in a different range, and while the FM reception is brilliant, it is mostly in MONO and not STEREO. It is in STEREO only within a couple of KM of the radio station (where the signal is brilliant). I am sure that European N800's don't have this problem.

I have also found that on some 802.11g access points, it only connects at 1 Mbps, and can get at most 500 Kbps out of them. This is annoying when you want to install a new application or when you want to update the installed ones.

There are still a few bugs with the lock screen window management code, that can be solved only by a reboot. It happens when the last focused "window" is the radio widget.

Other than that it is a wonderful device, and I couldn't imagine my life without-it. I am sure that the engineers at Nokia will fix all these issues in one of the following software releases.


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