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Linux A recent discussion on the lkml examined the possibility of a Linux implementation of Sun's ZFS. It was pointed out that the file system is released under the GPL-incompatible CDDL, and that Sun has filed numerous patents to prevent ZFS from being reverse engineered. Max Yudin pointed out, "according to Jeff Bonwick's blog Sun issued 56 patents on ZFS, but I have no idea what they patented. Sorry, binary compatible ZFS reimplementation with GPL license might not be legal."
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RE: ZFS is not "all that"
by WereCatf on Fri 20th Apr 2007 21:35 UTC in reply to "ZFS is not "all that""
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Err, you apparently don't have a clue about what you're saying..ZFS is a lot more than a volume manager or a plain filesystem. First of all, it's a completely self-healing atomic system, it's consisted of pools, etc etc etc.. Does LVM protect you from silent corruption of filesystems? Nope, it doesn't. Why? Because it's just a volume manager..So that's already more than enough of a reason to use ZFS IMHO. I suggest you read a little bit more before you spread FUD

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