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Mac OS X Macaulay, a software engineer, was able to hack into a MacBook through a zero-day security hole in Apple's Safari browser. The computer was one of two offered as a prize in the 'PWN to Own' hack-a-Mac contest at the CanSecWest conference. The successful attack on the second and final day of the contest required a conference organizer to surf to a malicious Web site using Safari on the MacBook - a type of attack familiar to Windows users.
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Where's the bug?
by alexandru_lz on Sat 21st Apr 2007 20:25 UTC
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As far as I'm concerned, it still seems to be a bug in safari, which is why I wouldn't go for the Mac-vs-PC comparison, but rather for a vs. IE comparison.

Besides, seeing Vista's slow ascension, the marketshare of OS X is probably quite comparable to that of Vista, besides OS X being significantly older.

Now let's see how many Internet Explorer versions it will take before we will see a Cancel-or-Allow dialog before entering a website.

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