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Legal Little-known intellectual property agency IP Innovation LLC and its parent Technology Licensing Corporation this week became the latest to claim that Apple had abused a patent they hold. Filed April 18th in a US district court in Marshall, Texas the four-page formal complaint purports that Apple has engaged in 'willful and deliberate' infringement of a computer control patent by selling its current Tiger operating system. On a related note, Microsoft has similar problems.
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RE: PRIOR ART!! Cf: real life.
by tsuraan on Mon 23rd Apr 2007 02:47 UTC in reply to "PRIOR ART!! Cf: real life."
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USPTO, shame on yout! You completely, *completely* lost the very notion of what innovation is!


innovate: "1 : to introduce as or as if new"

There's a reason market-droids don't like to talk about invention anymore; they aren't interested in actually creating new inventions. They introduce old crap with shiny new labels, and call it innovation.

The USPTO ideally has no interest in innovation. Patents protect inventions, which are much less common than the innovations that marketing people crap out all day. Unfortunately, it seems that the patent "inspectors" are quite bedazzled by innovations, and are more than happy to grant an insanely long monopoly on whatever shiny thing happens to cross their desks.

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