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Linux Ingo Molnar released a new patchset titled the 'Modular Scheduler Core and Completely Fair Scheduler'. He explained, "this project is a complete rewrite of the Linux task scheduler. My goal is to address various feature requests and to fix deficiencies in the vanilla scheduler that were suggested/found in the past few years, both for desktop scheduling and for server scheduling workloads."
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RE: Virtualization
by sbergman27 on Mon 23rd Apr 2007 03:54 UTC in reply to "Virtualization"
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I know that Linux kernels with HZ=1000 option are rather slow in Virtualization environments and I would like to know how this new scheduler will perform in such Virtual (VMware/VirtualBox/...) environments.

I may be misunderstanding your question. But if you are speaking of performance degradation due to excessive timer interrupts when many instances of the kernel are running, I think that the really exciting news on this front lies not with the scheduler, but with the tickless kernel patch, applied to 2.6.21-rc1, and due to be released in a stable kernel possibly as soon as next week.

But the tickless patch itself is only the beginning. Next will follow patches with the batching of interrupts in mind, so that more things get scheduled to be done during one wake up period of the processor (virtual or otherwise), resulting in even fewer interrupts.

edit: Just a few more notes. Tickless in 2.6.21 will be an option, not the default. It is only available on x86 (32 bit), but should be available on other architectures shortly. FC7 will have tickless on by default. My laptop has gone tickless (2.6.21-rc6) and I've had no problems so far.

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