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Linux Ingo Molnar released a new patchset titled the 'Modular Scheduler Core and Completely Fair Scheduler'. He explained, "this project is a complete rewrite of the Linux task scheduler. My goal is to address various feature requests and to fix deficiencies in the vanilla scheduler that were suggested/found in the past few years, both for desktop scheduling and for server scheduling workloads."
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by hornett on Mon 23rd Apr 2007 15:01 UTC
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I'm running v5 of the new scheduler, it seems very good indeed.

I noticed that after patching the kernel, there was an option in menuconfig for automatically renicing X to -19.

I didn't see anything specifically about it on Ingo's readme, but there is a bit about the niceness handling in general:

the CFS scheduler has a much stronger handling of nice levels and SCHED_BATCH: both types of workloads should be isolated much more agressively than under the vanilla scheduler.

I wonder if we might see a return to the times of distributions renicing X by default to make it more responsive if this sched becomes the default...

For those who are curious to try the patch, it is available from:

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