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Linux Ingo Molnar released a new patchset titled the 'Modular Scheduler Core and Completely Fair Scheduler'. He explained, "this project is a complete rewrite of the Linux task scheduler. My goal is to address various feature requests and to fix deficiencies in the vanilla scheduler that were suggested/found in the past few years, both for desktop scheduling and for server scheduling workloads."
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RE: Sched_Fair
by RJop on Mon 23rd Apr 2007 15:31 UTC in reply to "Sched_Fair"
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> I wonder if we might see a return to the times of
> distributions renicing X by default to make it more
> responsive if this sched becomes the default...

CFS has not been selected to next Linux scheduler yet. There's couple of others also which "compete" that title. For example I don't think that Con's SD needs X's renicing.

Edit: And Linus really hates X renising so I'm pretty sure that next scheduler won't do it.
"... renicing X is the *WRONG*THING*TO*DO*. Just don't do it. It's wrong. It was wrong with the old schedulers, it's wrong with the new scheduler, it's just WRONG." - Linus Torvalds

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