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OSNews, Generic OSes Head-Tracking Pointer is an application that, using an inexpensive camera, lets users control a mouse pointer by aiming their face around the screen. It works with virtually any camera that can be connected to a computer, and without the user wearing anything. This solution provides computer access for those unable to use traditional pointing devices due to temporary or permanent physical impairment.
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Earl Colby pottinger
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Question/Suggestion. Since I can't run your software on my system (BeOS) I could not test out the idea myself.

I don't know how you lock onto the face of your subjects but would adding a brightly coloured/reflective headband make it easyier to track head movements? Even if not with the present software maybe as an option. To a handicap person using your system a coloured headband probably would be of min. interferance and to your non-handicap users it probably would considered a minor glitch if it makes for a major improvement in performance.

Also if a headband would help, could the right type of hats work too? I already have my programming hat ready for future use.

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