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Windows If you shout something loud enough and many people are saying it, does it become true? Some groups of people (include tech journalists and Linux advocates, such as Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols) have a psychological need to find Vista lacking. Mr. V-N has predicted that Vista will have all manner of problems, so his clear interest is to point out everything that is wrong with the OS. Who cares if he has to even make some stuff up?
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Logic, anyone?
by Snifflez on Mon 23rd Apr 2007 21:22 UTC
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OK, I've never thought that I would be defending SJVN, but the author of this article is being even more illogical than SJVN.

I followed some of the links on SJVN's recent article, and I'd like to address some of them. I'm going to ignore all of the links about how it's doing on the marketplace because I frankly care more about using an OS than about who else is using it.

One of the major points of SJVN's article is that Vista isn't very successful. You on the other hand, would like to prove that SJVN isn't being objective. And you're doing so by simply ignoring his data? What's wrong with you???

And I'm not going to address his self-referential links because I don't put any stock in his objectivity. The following rebuttal is organized by the linked-to articles. I don't care about the specific points SJVN is making... I just want to show that his data is suspect or perfectly explainable.

Wait, so you're trying to prove that SJVN isn't objective using his (alleged) lack of objectivity as one of your premisses? That's a logical fallacy.

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