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Windows If you shout something loud enough and many people are saying it, does it become true? Some groups of people (include tech journalists and Linux advocates, such as Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols) have a psychological need to find Vista lacking. Mr. V-N has predicted that Vista will have all manner of problems, so his clear interest is to point out everything that is wrong with the OS. Who cares if he has to even make some stuff up?
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RE: Security
by PlatformAgnostic on Mon 23rd Apr 2007 22:44 UTC in reply to "Security"
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Where's the kernel insecurity? The security problems with the NT line of Windows has most often been in the defaults rather than in the mechanisms. Running everyone as admin is convenient from the usability point of view, but not great for security. When used, the Windows ACL mechanism and security design works quite well.

We're going through the painful time now of fixing that. But your overall characterization of me is fairly accurate. I really am not a high-security person and don't truly believe in protecting my computer from actions I willingly engage in. I avoid crappy programs that do things in my name that I do not wish done, and that's all the security I desire for myself. I understand that there needs to be a separation between administrator and luser in most other scenarios.

Could you explain why you're misspelling my nick? I find that to detract from your argument.

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