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Microsoft Microsoft surprised many of the attendees at its annual worldwide partner show here this weekend by allowing a third party to present a "hands-on lab" that allowed attendees to play with a range of Linux desktop software. Is Microsoft toning down on its anti-Linux campaign?
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1. I said Linux is competing on cost not quality. Lets reprice Linux to sell at same price as windows and see who wins.

Well on the server market Linux is gaining terrain quickly.Especially most of the Linux participants there don't come as already said by most posters for free.On the contrary when you see the Redhat and SuSE server line products they are quite equivalent priced to say the least.Still subscriptions for both mentioned are still increasing.

Both SuSE and Redhat take security,especially on the server market very serious.Where MS relies on third party software vendors to make their OS more secure and de facto usable as server,both Redhat and SuSE offer all-in-one solutions.Furthermore besides ISA server what does and the crippled /GS compiler switch what does MS have come up with in the security context?Does it offer something similar to SELinux,AppArmor?

Going from NT to w2k on both workstation and server was quite something especially the AD which replaced NT's flat hierarchy.After that nothing really impressive has happened on both desktop and server.I personally think the times of buying bare OS's are over.Companies like the ideas of a all-in-one deal better instead of spending even more on extra licenses zillion of extra software to make w2k/w3k somewhat more usable.Those companies aren't reluctant to spend money on the contrary,they just seek to be more restrictive with resources.In this context what's better than Linux,*BSD,*NIX who bring most of what costs some great deal extra in a MS environment.

Agreed when migrating from a existing MS to a (native) Linux,*BSD,UNIX environment isn't always feasible but most of the time migrating to a mixed environment can save a lot of resource's (money,time,maintaining..).

As far as the server market is concerned Linux,*NIX has always been server-ready from day one.

Growing on the desktop "market" would go much faster if there was more documentation of now proprietary drivers,codecs,apps available,and the current patent circus wouldn't throw sand in eatchothers machinery.Fortunately Europe showed some intelligent muscle by disavowing the patent law.

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