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GNU, GPL, Open Source "When free software supporters participate in the French presidential election on April 22 for the first round of voting, they will have information that may be unique in the world: position statements from all major parties on issues about free software, copyright, patents, and digital rights. Even more surprisingly - at least from a North American [ed. note: or the rest of Europe, sadly] perspective - a majority of the candidates have heard of these issues and developed positions on them."
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RE[2]: Corporate whore
by nicholas on Tue 24th Apr 2007 19:50 UTC in reply to "RE: Corporate whore"
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Because Sarkozy isn't cozy with free-software? or some of the other baseless claims made against him?

If Royal wins the people of France are foolish. Her solution to everything is raise more taxes and expand social programs while the nation is on the verge of economic crisis. It says a lot when her economic adviser gets up and walks away.

This is a computing website, not an economics discussion forum.

Go elsewhere if you want to discuss such things, there are plenty of places that would welcome your opinions Senator McCarthy.

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