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KDE "Stephan Binner, a well-known KDE and openSUSE developer, has released a set of live CDs featuring the latest development snapshot of KDE 4 (screenshots). Unlike the SLAX-based live CD called KLAX, which he used to develop in order to demonstrate new KDE releases, his 'KDE Four Live' images are based on openSUSE. After a large, uncompressed live DVD released earlier in the week, a set of smaller live CDs (compressed with Squashfs) is now also available for download. Don't expect trouble-free computing with these early KDE 4 snapshots, but as demonstration tools designed to give KDE users an early taste of things to come, they aren't too bad. The first alpha build of KDE 4 is scheduled for release early next week."
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Construction Site
by Torsten Rahn on Wed 25th Apr 2007 05:07 UTC
Torsten Rahn
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As several people have pointed out already it doesn't make sense to discuss the looks of these screenshots, as they don't anywhere near represent what KDE4 will be about in the end. If those who have made remarks about the look and feel would have tried the Live CD, they might have realized that stability and functionality is even worse (again perfectly normal for an alpha release of a major release with major rewrites of the architecture behind).

People who have witnessed the development of KDE 2.0 or Gnome 2.0 will remember that those releases were pretty similar in nature: big modifications of the architecture made it basically impossible even for developers to run the new desktop itself.

If you look at you will discover that one of the recommended ways to take part in KDE 4 development is to run the applications from KDE 3 to prevent working on shaky grounds (or no grounds at all).

Yes, most KDE 4 developers are still running KDE 3 to develop on KDE 4 and only these days we are in the process of moving our working environment to KDE 4. Given the instability of the desktop itself UI designers as well as artists only at this point are able to fully rush in to fix the whole mess according to what they had partially developed outside our sources repository before.

So be patient and wait for the first beta releases (and I really mean beta releases opposed to the alpha release that is scheduled for next week). They'll certainly be closer to what KDE 4 will be like in the end.

You can pretty much compare the situation to a construction site where a house is being built: The basement is pretty much done. Maybe some parts of the old house are even still waiting for the wrecking ball and there are new bricks and scaffold lying all over the place. At this stage as someone who isn't involved you often have no chance to guess what the final house will look like unless you have seen the detailed plans.

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