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Windows Paul Thurrott reviews the latest CTP of Windows Home Server. "I remain excited about WHS and while one might easily come up with a number of features they'd like to see added to the product - a server-based version of Media Center comes to mind - know this: This is the initial version of WHS, Microsoft plans to keep improving it over time, and they're listening to your suggestions and ideas. As with the first version of Media Center, the technology is in a nascent stage but is already quite compelling. If this first version of WHS is so good, I can only imagine what the future holds."
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Why so excited
by vtolkov on Thu 26th Apr 2007 00:08 UTC
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In fact, I do not understand, what is so exciting. This is just plain regular windows server with some software on top of it.

Most of scenarios do not work for me, and I guess, they will not work well for others. Linux and Mac computers are not supported, scheduled backup will not work with notebooks, because we used to shutdown them for a night. Don't you? Parental control - useless: I do not spy on my kids and kids are smart enough to be able to boot from linux CD. Central web administration is a kind of IT department at home - it is ridiculous. Windows Media streaming - I do not have any devices for it, all devices I have use other protocols. Remote access - I'm afraid to expose windows server. This is such a popular platform for attacks!

In fact, I have a small nice server on NSLU2 and it work just fine for me, including media streaming to networking DVD player. Entire thing costs less then $70, produces no sounds, and causes no troubles with licenses.

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