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Windows Paul Thurrott reviews the latest CTP of Windows Home Server. "I remain excited about WHS and while one might easily come up with a number of features they'd like to see added to the product - a server-based version of Media Center comes to mind - know this: This is the initial version of WHS, Microsoft plans to keep improving it over time, and they're listening to your suggestions and ideas. As with the first version of Media Center, the technology is in a nascent stage but is already quite compelling. If this first version of WHS is so good, I can only imagine what the future holds."
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RE[2]: Why so excited
by vtolkov on Thu 26th Apr 2007 04:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Why so excited"
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Really? Can you how you set this up? Surely all the hardware isn't included in this cost?

Yes, definitely you need networking hardware, like routers (as well as for WHS) and one or two external USB hard drives. You can install alternative firmware, and configure some additional packages. This takes some time and requires a bit of Linux experience. I did that as a small weekend project mostly for the purpose of refreshing my well forgotten Unix skills.

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