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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu Open Week is a series of IRC meetings of people behind the distribution and the community. Mark Shuttleworth answered various questions on Tuesday and Wednesday. The interview covers many issues, including: GPL v3, proprietary software, Microsoft's $3 project, Launchpad, non-free stuff in Ubuntu, April 19th siege of, Canonical vs. Ubuntu Foundation, becoming F/OSS contributor. Full logs are available on Ubuntu wiki. Ubuntu News has a digest with the most interesting pieces. Also, another interview with Mark is here and four interesting Ubuntu articles are here, here, here and here.
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For the first time I read someone connected to open-source be objective about DRM in stating that DRM is not a problem and question is not wether to support DRMs or not but they business model around it.

Perhaps you hadn't seen that even Linus Torvalds has stated thus in very clear terms: "I want to make it clear that DRM is perfectly ok with Linux!".[1]

Dated 23 April 2003 (yup, 4 years ago)

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