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Linux It was another small step forward for Oracle Enterprise Linux this week as a handful of ISVs pledged support, but it's still a long road ahead for the Red Hat clone. Says searchenterpriselinux, "The news came a day after Oracle announced that a handful of other hardware ISVs had also pledged to support its brand of Linux. For Tony Iams, a senior analyst with Rye Brooke, N.Y.-based Ideas International Ltd., the news was indicative of an upward trend for the company's Linux distribution, which was launched in October."
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RE: Big Deal
by ormandj on Fri 27th Apr 2007 00:32 UTC in reply to "Big Deal"
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This way Oracle can provide support for the OS as well as the DB server. Dealing with a large government organization that is totally in bed with Oracle and IBM, I can understand the logic. I'm sure Oracle will get support contracts out of this, even if it is just a RH-recompile. Who knows, they might diverge in the future. Oracle just wants the support contracts, judging on how they conduct business in general.

I see nothing wrong with it, free market economy and OSS at work here. I also (personally) wouldn't touch a RH or Oracle supported product with a ten foot pole, but if I had to pick one - I'd pick Oracle. I dealt with RH support a long time ago - and was not impressed. While Oracle's software is crufty and a PITA to work with, the few times I've called for support - I've talked with somebody who knew a heck of a lot.

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