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Linux "More than half of the 1.2 million lines of code for the real-time kernel technology have been moved into the mainline Linux kernel over the past year, Tim Burke, the director of emerging technologies at Red Hat, said at the Linux/Open Source on Wall Street conference on April 23."
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Why desktops should be real-time
by ingraham on Fri 27th Apr 2007 02:24 UTC
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Here's why even desktop operating systems should be real-time:

Your audio playback shouldn't pause or stutter just because you're wiggling your mouse or typing 100wpm. VoIP makes this even more desirable.

Ditto for video playback. Granted, you're less likely to be doing other things while watching a video, but you still have lots of background tasks running.

From a developer perspective, sometimes having and RTOS makes things EASIER, though that may seem couter-intuitive. Essentially it's because once you've tested something, you're not surprised by how it behaves in a production environment.

Sure, big buffers on CD/DVD burners has pretty much ended the constant coastering of disks we had back in the early days, but we shouldn't HAVE to have those buffers.

There are more reasons. But the big one for me is: Why not? What is the advantage of a NON-real-time OS?

-James Ingraham

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