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SuSE, openSUSE Novell openSUSE project has had a recent history of trouble with its update programs. Now, to make updating openSUSE more pleasant, the project is dropping its support for ZENworks and opening up YAST to community development. has the story here and some other info here.
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by Felix on Fri 27th Apr 2007 13:49 UTC in reply to "mailing list post..."
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it already became a problem when suse got some strong gnome forces on board. toolkits are a religious discussion; i agree. ;) yast is a more kde'ish app that stands bad in a gnome environment (true).

starting with 10.3 YaST will be perfectly integrated in Gnome - maybe better than it was integrated in KDE. YaST now adapts the used toolkit to your desktop environment - Gnome or KDE - automatically.

the problem is old: the desktop linux user community needs a standard way configure their computer (the configuration/ system settings windows on other OSes). and preferably we also want console access (besides the GUI) to some of the features (like y as).

This thing was tried many years ago with linuxconf ( But it was never used across distributions. I can remember, that Mandrake (now Mandriva) used it in their distribution.

The configuration tools are one point which distinguishes the distributions from each other. What is more important than common configuration tools:
- a more complete FHS (File Hierarchy Standard) which should include how Apache daemon/config file etc. is called and where it is stored.
- Package API, so that a package can be installed on any LSB conform distribution independend of package manager (RPM or Deb).
- ...

But with Portland project the right thing was started to solve lots of these problems.

the solution can be new: why not do the configuring from a webpage (that at the same time has a command line interface)?

Have a look at Webmin. Also linuxconf wanted to start a web based interface. I'm not sure why it was not widely accepted but I think distributions wanted to keep their configuration tools under their control.

p.p.s: did i mention that it might also be a good moment to drop RPM in favor of DEB? (this might even create a strong cooperations between suse and the debian/ubuntu/etc.)

see upper

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