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SuSE, openSUSE Novell openSUSE project has had a recent history of trouble with its update programs. Now, to make updating openSUSE more pleasant, the project is dropping its support for ZENworks and opening up YAST to community development. has the story here and some other info here.
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by hibridmatthias on Fri 27th Apr 2007 13:50 UTC
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I have been using Suse since 7.0. I don't think any of you know HOW HAPPY I am! It was so easy. Set the time and sites, keep your box on 24 hours a day and everything was automagically updated and sexy. It was beautiful.

Then came drekworks, er, ZenWorks!

I hated that ZENworks garbage! It never worked and would hold up my system for hours when it didnt crash it. I would just kill it evey time and do everything manually.! The old YAST was awesome. The whole GNOME/ZEN/MONO/deIcaza thing polluting SUSE really chaps me. I was so disenchanted with SLED 10 that I switched to Kubuntu as my primary desktop...

I do have a partition where I install the various OpenSuSe distros now to test them when they come out, but I had decided after 10.2 that their currently broken update system would prevent me from every using openSuse again...

Now I just have to wait for KDE4, a decent broadcom driver, and the Yast update to get back to where it was and I can switch back...woo hoo!!!

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