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Microsoft "It's amazing how many people who have Microsoft Windows everywhere look flummoxed when asked whether Windows is their "standard" for desktop computing. The reason they are thrown by this question is typically because they haven't thought about it that way before. In all likelihood, they never actually made a proactive decision to select Windows, in the sense of looking at alternatives and making a conscious objective choice. So how did they end up with it?"
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by indech on Fri 27th Apr 2007 18:58 UTC
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This article's title really is a misnomer, as it just states the obvious of why we stay with Windows, as all it says is that 'everyone uses Windows because they use programs that which don't have equivalents that do the exact same thing on other operating systems.' It's a bunch of fluff, but does anyone really expect anything substantial from The Register?

if you really want to read about how computers ended up the way they are, a much better and more interesting article is:

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