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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Another six months, another release from the Ubuntu folks. The Ubuntu 7.04 release, better known as Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, is another cutting-edge, but not bleeding-edge, release that shows what Linux is capable of on the desktop. I've been running it since the early betas, and have found that it's the best Ubuntu release yet." Read more at Newsforge. And another article, Vista vs. Ubuntu and its rebuttal.
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Lovely - BUT
by ormandj on Fri 27th Apr 2007 19:05 UTC
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It doesn't work for a fair number of people, myself included.

There's another gazillion where those came from, and that's only computer-savvy people who are aware of the forums. It's a serious issue and it was not caught before release - uncool. If it were just one or two people/niche hardware, that'd be one thing - but it's a large problem that affects many, and makes the distro unusable.

So, tell me when they get their QC up to an acceptable level, and I'll give them a shot again - it sure does look nice beyond this issue.

[Edit: I wanted to point out this is the exact same issue for many people, not various issues. This is why it's a problem - it's affecting a large number of people - for various reasons. The most interesting tidbit of information - for most of these people - the previous Ubuntu releases worked fine - so if they hit the upgrade button - their machines are now hosed.]

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