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RISC OS "RISC OS is said to be used in set top boxes scattered across the world, and a mobile phone developer reportedly bought up a load of RISC OS 5 kit. But some applications of ROS are much closer to home. Martin Hansen reports on the growing use of RISC OS in the timber frame housing industry."
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RISC OS community, loud voice... quiet news
by thegman on Sun 29th Apr 2007 11:57 UTC
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Any news is big news in the RISC OS scene. I don't say that in a cruel way, I'm RISC OS fan myself. It will make the news if new Amiga hardware is produced, but obviously would not make the news if yet another company starts making Windows PCs. On the hobbyist/fringe platforms, we often have little to get excited about, so just little things are nice.

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