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Windows "At APC we've been running the Beta 2 edition of Windows Home Server for the past two months and it's acquitted itself surprisingly well - no doubt a reflection on the time this 'server for the rest of us' spent in the Redmond skunkworks. There's still some 'fit and finish' to appear before it hits the Release Candidate milestone around Q3, prior to the platform's debut towards the end of this year - but from what we've seen so far, we'd rate Windows Home Server as one of Microsoft's most polished and most impressive 1.0 releases to date. Here's a walkthrough gallery of screenshots from the Beta 2 build of Windows Home Server." There's also a screenshot gallery for Longhorn Server Beta 3.
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RE: Thoughts
by Luminair on Sun 29th Apr 2007 12:27 UTC in reply to "Thoughts"
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The WHS front end is just about as user friendly as you can get.

Four big buttons. They produce lists of users, disks, shares, and backups. Each list has a very limited number of things you can do: add or change user settings, add or remove disks, add or change share settings, change or remove backups.

Then there is a little button on the far side for some slightly more advanced settings that aren't frequently used.

It doesn't get any simpler than that without losing crucial functionality.

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