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RISC OS "RISC OS is said to be used in set top boxes scattered across the world, and a mobile phone developer reportedly bought up a load of RISC OS 5 kit. But some applications of ROS are much closer to home. Martin Hansen reports on the growing use of RISC OS in the timber frame housing industry."
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This may be correct, but personally I like the using concepts of RISC OS, the way the GUI looks like and how you do communicate with it. So it's great to see that RISC OS is still alive - and it's being used in fact.

I completely agree, before I got this mac, I used the ROX desktop. As I read the docs it was the first time I had every heard of RISC OS. Now, since it is the only experience I have has with anything that uses RISC OS concepts(that I know of at least) I don't know how true it is to what it is based on, but I know I like it. I speculate that I would have liked RISC OS as well. Unfortunately, It appears to have suffered the fate of many other only worse, since the hardware is fairly exotic(at least in the world of the desktop)

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