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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "After looking around and playing with Ubuntu 7, it's safe to say that the features, ease of use and stability of this distro may be enough to edge Linux desktops into corporate offices. Given that Ubuntu supports a VMWare-like environment, you can bet that Ubuntu will crop up in many test labs as well." More at EarthWeb.
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Here's another cute example: on my (separate) Ubuntu HD,
I have a special folder in my Firefox Bookmarks...
and in it are a buncha useful links, including one to linuxforums dot org,
a most useful site when installing ANYthing,
becoz I'm always over there beating someone's brains (after mine!)
to figure out how to install simple stuff !
It's a very busy forum, let me tell you!

In five years of MAC systems and another six of PeeCee Windoze, I never had a folder re. problem-solving,
and I've frequented VERY few forums - if any, related to system solving!

Yeaahhh this system is 'ready' to slay Windows...ready for the desktop...riiiight!
Bet Bill Gates is nervous!!

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