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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y George Ou compares Microsoft Office 2007 to OpenOffice 2.2 in memory and CPU usage using the OOXML and ODF file formats. The conclusion according to Ou: "We can see that the ODF XML parser (while vastly improved) is still about 5 times slower than Microsoft's OOXML parser. also seems to consume nearly 4 times the amount of RAM to hold the same data. While continues to have fewer features than Microsoft Office, it continues to consume far more resources than Microsoft."
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RE: Put ideaology aside...
by ma_d on Mon 30th Apr 2007 00:37 UTC in reply to "Put ideaology aside..."
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I think that's a real issue. If Office is $300 to you and you don't see yourself using it for $300 worth of work then why pay for it?

Now, that's not very much use at all. But there's also the case where $300 is actually a lot of money to you (people who aren't businesses apparently use computers too, I know it's surprising).

If price is what's stopping you it may not be something you can just forget about: You may just not have the money. Especially for something like this (some people can actually live with the word processing functionality of wordpad, because all they do is write letters and short reports).

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