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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y George Ou compares Microsoft Office 2007 to OpenOffice 2.2 in memory and CPU usage using the OOXML and ODF file formats. The conclusion according to Ou: "We can see that the ODF XML parser (while vastly improved) is still about 5 times slower than Microsoft's OOXML parser. also seems to consume nearly 4 times the amount of RAM to hold the same data. While continues to have fewer features than Microsoft Office, it continues to consume far more resources than Microsoft."
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RE[6]: Reliability
by ma_d on Mon 30th Apr 2007 03:45 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Reliability"
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You're telling me you don't think Word has an overabundance of commands that has stretched beyond the ability of their interfacing?

I.E. Menu's weren't meant to house hundreds of commands.

The tabbed toolbar they have now seems much better btw. But I've not given it much real use so I can't say it's great.

You're right though. Regardless of what they do I'd complain. The question is whether or not my complaints are critical issues, or if they're just improvements I'd like to see. In Word they're critical issues.

I complain about OO.o a lot too (usually while using it). It just happens to be the only WYSIWYG word processor I can stand to use right now.

I wouldn't call myself a "power user." I'm really more of a "programmer." I'm actually quite horrible with graphical user interfaces, I have a tendency to just not notice options when they're presented that way. And no, I'm not all about text interfaces.

This is why things like expanding menus really drive me nuts. When I click the expand button all of the spatial knowledge I had about the menu is lost and I have to re-read it again to find my place. Big menus should just be avoided in the first place.

Toolbars with more than about 8 items bother me too. Once again, because I'm just not going to become good with that many items. And if I need really fast access I'll probably lookup the shortcut (which I can see from the menu, but for some reason it's not good enough to make tooltips on a toolbar in any toolkit).

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