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Microsoft "It's amazing how many people who have Microsoft Windows everywhere look flummoxed when asked whether Windows is their "standard" for desktop computing. The reason they are thrown by this question is typically because they haven't thought about it that way before. In all likelihood, they never actually made a proactive decision to select Windows, in the sense of looking at alternatives and making a conscious objective choice. So how did they end up with it?"
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backward compatible
by funny_irony on Mon 30th Apr 2007 05:01 UTC
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When a product reach "critical mass", nobody can afford to switch to other product without suffering critical losses. There are too many Windows out there, trying to switch means re-write all the hardware drivers and software applications.

The reason MS can dominate is because they bulid Windows on-top of MS-DOS (market share leader) and MS-DOS is a clone of CP/M ( market share leader before MS-DOS ).

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