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Amiga & AROS As promised, Amiga Inc. has released the specifications of the low end Amiga machine which will be available this summer. It will have the Flex-ATX form factor, with a Freescale PC8349E SoC (400MHz to 667MHz depending on requirements and price target), one DDR2 DIMM slot for a maximum of 1GB of memory, and more. It will cost USD 489. Manufacturing partner and final ship schedule will be following soon. The device is supposed to run AmigaOS 4, but the recent developments may interfere with that.
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RE: Use a popular PowerPC platform!
by signals on Mon 30th Apr 2007 21:02 UTC in reply to "Use a popular PowerPC platform!"
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Well, they obviously aren't going to do that. We've been down this road before, with the Macintosh, and they just aren't willing to port to existing consumer hardware.

I still think the Mac is an even better choice than the PS3. I have an unused Powerbook sitting right next to me. If all I had to do to make it useful again is plunk down $100 or so for AmigaOS, I would do it in a heartbeat. With the transition to Intel, there is a TON of PPC Mac hardware just sitting there begging for AmigaOS.

But, I'm certainly not going to spend $489 on a motherboard that only has a 400-667Mhz PPC, and PCI graphics. I still have to buy a case, PSU, memory, peripherals, etc. Even though this is pretty cheap by modern Amiga standards, it's still unreasonable in the general PC marketplace.

Unfortunately, it still looks like AROS is the last, best, hope for Amiga.

(I miss my Commodore Amigas...)

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