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Amiga & AROS As promised, Amiga Inc. has released the specifications of the low end Amiga machine which will be available this summer. It will have the Flex-ATX form factor, with a Freescale PC8349E SoC (400MHz to 667MHz depending on requirements and price target), one DDR2 DIMM slot for a maximum of 1GB of memory, and more. It will cost USD 489. Manufacturing partner and final ship schedule will be following soon. The device is supposed to run AmigaOS 4, but the recent developments may interfere with that.
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RE[2]: the ack board.
by _df_ on Mon 30th Apr 2007 23:20 UTC in reply to "RE: the ack board."
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I agree ujb. As a FYI, Freescale sell the reference board for the ACK design as a NAS board. That alone tells you its 'upper limit' for the 400mhz board.

When/if efika hit $100usd I'll consider it as underpowered as it is. $500 for ack is too expensive. $200 for the ack is more believable.

all these freescale SoC ppc cores are not much more than router/embeddable cores that sacrifice power to run at 1watt.

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