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Debian and its clones "'s survey results consistently show Debian to be the most popular distribution among device developers. For example, our 2007 survey indicated that Debian was used in device-related projects by 13 percent of the survey's 932 participants, roughly double the score of MontaVista, the most popular strictly-embedded distribution. In addition to Debian's 13 percent score, Ubuntu, which is based on Debian packages, jumped to 6 percent this year, its first year in our survey. In contrast, Red Hat, achieved a 5 percent score and Fedora came in at 6 percent, while SUSE scored just 2 percent. The complete results and analysis are here. Why do device developers prefer Debian?"
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by gilboa on Mon 30th Apr 2007 23:24 UTC
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Yet another useless statistics.
First, they are not talking about "device developers" - they are talking about embedded platforms *... and if the OP doesn't know the difference between the two, he shouldn't be posting in OS news.
Out of 932 participants, ~150 were using boot-strapped distros ( ~130 were using Debian, 110 were using RedHat/Fedora... with other embedded-only distros eating ~300 others.
Considering the survey relatively small size, huge market fragmentation (with a large number of embedded only players) and the market type (which is unknown to most users), I doubt that this survey means anything to most OSNew users.

Now, given the mis-leading title (“device developers”) and the article extract itself, I can only assume that it was the OP's intension to start yet-another-Debian-vs.-RedHat/SUSE/Mandriva/World flame war and as such:
Move along folks, nothing to see here.

- Gilboa
Hence the title "What sources of Linux were/will be in your (company's) embedded designs?"

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