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Amiga & AROS Amiga, Inc. has terminated the contract with Hyperion and Eyetech on 20th December, and has sued Hyperion for copyright infringement on 26th April. Discussion about this trademark suit can be read on AmigaWorld; maybe the community can clear up what is going on here, because I lost track long ago. Update: A detailed description [.pdf] of the suit has appeared. Amiga Inc. is accusing Hyperion of trademark infringement, but also of breach of the agreement the companies signed among one another. According to Amiga Inc., the agreement said that Hyperion would exercise its 'best efforts' to release AmigaOS 4 by March 1st, 2002. They obviously failed that date (AOS4 was released 24th December 2006), and hence Amiga Inc. says the contract was broken. Exhibits included.
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So Sad...
by roger_ramjet on Mon 30th Apr 2007 23:34 UTC
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Let me get this right...

* Amiga Finally gets hardware (A1) Runs Linux
* Amiga Gets OS (OS4) A1 not around long ..
* Amiga Gets New hardware
* Amiga Sues Hyperion and there is now no OS

What will be left

An underpowered System running an OS that is tied to this underpowered system.

Hmmmm, Gees. If I understand correctly AInc are a pack of fools. Sure hope they have been developing AOS5 in their spare time ;-)

Hopefully Aros gets their in the end .

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