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Oracle and SUN "Amid falling sales of its bread-and-butter servers and mounting pressure on Schwartz to cut more jobs and boost a stock price that's dropped more than 22%, to USD 5.26, since early February, Sun is considering its most radical open-source move yet: releasing Solaris under the love-it-or-hate-it GPL. The move could reinvigorate Sun by putting one of its crown jewels into the thick of the open-source movement - or it could diminish the worth of one of Sun's most valuable pieces of intellectual property."
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Maybe it's the right idea
by irishblood55 on Tue 1st May 2007 00:29 UTC
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I think that sun would be doing themselves a favor in getting into the GPL open source game. Their software isn't linux, and if they can get a true community around them, and not ham string their users in anyway, they might be able to get some good open-source applications written for them. And, business likes Linux not because it's linux, but because it's free, flexible and available. If Solaris really is better, than business will get on board. I'm a linux user, probably won't abandon ship, but I'm more for the best tech, then just one tech.

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