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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Officially, Dell hasn't said a word yet about which Linux it will be preloading on its desktops and laptops. Several sources within Dell, however, have told that Dell's desktop Linux pick is going to be Ubuntu. While unable to confirm this through official Dell channels, we have heard the same story now from several internal Dell sources. They tell us that the computer giant will be preinstalling the newly released Ubuntu 7.04. These systems will be released in late May 2007."
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Think of what this will do for Ubuntu visibility... wow!

1) This product will NEVER make it onto Dell's front-page, and they will likely never advertise it on TV. This is being done to please existing customers who already use Linux (or to attract non-customers that use Linux), NOT to widely promote Linux as an alternative to Windows.

2) At best, it will be an additional option on SOME desktops, and the vast majority of users will ignore it and choose Windows.

3) It WILL cost more, guaranteed. This is because Dell receives kickbacks for the crapware they bundle on their PCs, which won't be happening on Linux anytime soon. So it won't even be available as a cheaper option for people who want to buy it, wipe it and install a pirated Windows. And no one is going to pay more for an OS they have never heard of before that won't run all the software they already own and know how to use.

Being realistic, Dell is doing this to please a small minority of their customers, and will do little to nothing to actually promote it to Joe Blow. As much as I want to see Linux succeed, I don't see this as being the major development a lot of people seem to think it is. I see it as primarily a publicity stunt.

Call me when, on computers that offer both Windows and Ubuntu, you see "Dell recommends Ubuntu Linux" or w/e. The only alternative OS I could see Dell pushing as a major alternative to Windows is Mac OS X, and the day when Apple licenses it to Dell is the day hell freezes over.

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