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OpenStep, GNUstep The developers behind Etoile have discussed their future plans for the project recently, and have provided a summary of the discussion on the mailing list. The Etoile live CD project will be transferred from Nicolas (due to a lack of time) to Quentin; he says: "I will recreate an environment for building the LiveCD from scratch (will now be built on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn LiveCD). To help in this process, Nicolas sent me the current LiveCD scripts. I hope to succeed in two or three weeks." On Etoile itself: "Focus will be put on core elements like System, MenuServer, Azalea, AZDock etc. rather than polished applications for this release. We don't have enough manpower for now and it's better to have a stable foundation to begin with." The next release is now planned for the coming three weeks.
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RE: Cocoa
by jimcrofty on Tue 1st May 2007 08:53 UTC in reply to "Cocoa"
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Haven't used Wine in a while but I used Cedega a couple of years back and it was very good (at least for playing Civ + C&C).

While I love my Mac and would be interested to see OSX apps ported, porting Win32 versions is probably a better bet. Porting an OSX app will require a *lot* more work. OSX != GNUStep. They would likely have to port a myriad of OSX libs including CoreAudio, Quartz/CoreImage, CoreData (possibly). That's not counting that fact in the last what, ~6 years the core Cocoa API has moved on beyond the original NextStep/OpenStep spec GNUStep are currently working towards.

Seems sensible to hit the ground running and port to WineLib than re-implement OSX APIs.

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