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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu After yesterday's unconfirmed rumour about Ubuntu being pre-installed on Dell machines, it has now become official. In a joint statement released today, Dell and Canonical announced that Dell will now offer laptops and desktop computers pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux 7.04. The computers will be sold via Dell's web site, said Canonical's director of operations Jane Silber. "We have worked with Dell to get Ubuntu fully supported and fully certified on Dell hardware," she said. "Ubuntu has the full endorsement of Dell." Update: Ubuntu Linux 7.04 Feisty Fawn review by Extremetech.
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Superstoned may be an apropo name...

HPs support for linux is horrible as a desktop. Their website first said their nx6325 (and other machines) would be available with Linux installed, then they said they were compatible; I bought one, and the damn wireless card and ATI card still aren't supported well. Not that I am afraid of hacking to get stuff working, but their support for LINUX is ATROCIOUS!!

I called to order it and they acted as if they have never heard of Linux before.

There were also BIOS/fan issues that caused their NX6325 to overheat up! I know! It happened to me! They did set rebuild the machine, update the BIOS,and send it back free so that the problem didnt happen again, but THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE, especially WHEN YOU ARE RELEASING A PRESS STATEMENT SAYING THAT YOU ARE SELLING LINUX COMPATABLE MACHINES!

HP. I love their hardware, but their support for desktop Linux users is pathetic.

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