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General Development "When you're designing and developing new software systems, it is often hard to see how all the pieces are suppose to fit together. Unified Modeling Language is one tool that allow developers and architects to ease the process and create a big picture before committing to a particular technology."
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RE[2]: On UML 2.0 and Umbrello
by eivind on Fri 4th May 2007 15:59 UTC in reply to "RE: On UML 2.0 and Umbrello"
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I agree with you completely. Use Cases seem to be often misunderstood. They are not drawings! Use Cases are good, structural and unambigious texts, although on a high level. They are especially useful in the initial phases, although I still have to say that they're somewhat "disconnected" from the rest of the UML diagrams. Used together with a sensible method, however, they can fit in.

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