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Microsoft Software maker Microsoft asked search engine operator Yahoo to re-enter formal negotiations for an acquisition that could be worth USD 50 billion, the New York Post reported on Friday. Microsoft is feeling increasing pressure to compete with Google, which plans to beef up its portfolio with a USD 3.1 billion buy of online advertising company DoubleClick. Earlier this week, Yahoo said it would buy 80 percent of advertising exchange Right Media for USD 680 million, increasing its stake in that company to full control. Microsoft currently trails both Yahoo and Google in the lucrative and growing business of Web search. Update:. The deal's off.
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...because MSFT badly needs a visionary CEO.

Google on the other hand is just full of visionaries. Many of them from acquisitions. They can see the future and they act quickly and aggressively.

If MSFT and/or YHOO could beat Google as they exist today, they would have done it already.

Balmer is a smart businessman but no visionary...
Ozzie is a great software technologist but no visionary...

Note that it has become very difficult to copy Apple products and services now a days because they consist of a whole suite of products that depend on each other. (i.e. iTunes, iPod, iTunes Store, AppleTV, iPhone) You would have to copy all these things at the same time and that's not easy to do because of complexity and patents. Especially the iTunes Store.

Balmer should become the COO, Ozzie is good where he is and a new visionary is needed for the CEO position.

They need someone who can do what Steve Jobs did for Apple. (It ain't Gates.)

Time will tell...

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