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Ubuntu dual-screen horror show
by autumnlover on Sun 6th May 2007 01:52 UTC
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Used to watch movies etc. on TV screen with nvidia card and Windows XP ?

Forget about it under Ubuntu.

After you install nvidia drivers (which is quite simple on 7.04 compared to previous editions) prepare for "battle" with nvidia-settings applet.

I noticed two things - it should be used in two ways - sudo'ed when you want to set basic parameters stored in xorg.conf - screen mode, X-screens configuration, resolution etc. Sudo enables to save settings in /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Logical approach with changing permissions of that file is not enough. changes are not saved. I dont know why.

Second way to use nvidia-setting (without sudo) is required to change settings like x-server color corrections. They are saved in user's home folder in .nvidia-settings-rc file. When n.s. is run sudoed that file is owned by root and cannot be loaded after restart.

There are other "mysteries" in that matter - why sometimes second (brightness etc) settings are loaded after restart, and sometimes only after loading nvidia-settings applet itself ? (its very irritating, similar to issues with two soundcards randomly activated by each Ubuntu reboot as primary)

Why sometimes settings for each screen's brightness etc are swapped ? I don't know why ?

ps. sorry for my poor English.

I'm try to learn to use Ubuntu for some time (about eight months) as Windows replacement (I never used Linux before) and i'm still very sceptical. I think that 7.04 is little more polished than 6.06 and 6.10 but its still light years away to become Windows XP replacement. Maybe 8.10 or so will be acceptable for that role, but not until that - and I think that disaster called Vista could be some "driving force" for Linux/Ubuntu mass adoptation, but I do not see any urgent need for XP users to "upgrade" to Ubuntu quite same way as to Vista. They are both not ready yet. Vista maybe after SP2, and Ubuntu maybe after a year from now.

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