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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "The news that Dell will begin making the fast-growing Ubuntu flavor of Linux available on some of its machines should be welcomed by consumers everywhere." Read the rest of the review here.
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RE: Over the top "review"
by nedvis on Sun 6th May 2007 03:13 UTC in reply to "Over the top "review""
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-"I am on staff at a church whose people/finance software suite is Windows only-no Mac or *nix versions that I know of. "
Is that ACS People Suite ( ) or ChurchWindows?
Anyway, ACS needs only TWO (2) eventually THREE (3) computers: one for database server and one (or two) client PC (one for accounting office and one for church administrator/pastor). Anybody else can use Linux ( but they don't).
And that's very interesting; Linux penetration in church offices seems to be harder than in any other enterprise-like environment.
I'm 20+ PC administrator ( Windows 2000 Small Business Server ) with mix of Win 98/ME/2000/XP workstations in our church and I found it really hard to force people to switch to Linux ( unfortunately).
Only three or four people in church need direct access to ( Windows only) ACS database: main accountant, pastor, church administrator and a volunteer ( church attendance, contributions tracking data entry). Everybody else are using workstations only for WEB browsing, email, calendaring and light desktop publishing where Linux can be more than good replacement for Windows based machines. But,no! Lazy conformists always find the way to get Windows only solutions.( Church members are going to pay for whatever church admin staff find better fit, anyway. And that's sad)
Fifteen out of twenty church computers could be Microsoft free (by my bets knowledge) but...
Thank God, I managed to force church management to outsource our email (so I'm free of Exchange 2000)
and WEB hosting. Next step is going to be to install Linux on each and every computer that came with Windows
OS-es (usually donated computers with no restoration CD). It is going to take year or two.

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