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Linux "Arch Linux, or Arch for short, is one of the uprising new distributions. Well, at least compared to old folks like Debian or Slackware it's still fresh and shining. Arch is gaining new users and good reviews every day. Let's find out why this is happening." More here.
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I was just sharing my overall experience on that thread. Please look at my first post, which includes thanks to developers and community of Arch Linux. Everything I wrote there and here, are just personal opinions.

>> And other package management systems can't?

Of course they can, but this was not available under Arch, so that's why I wanted to indicate it.

>> Kernel is better structured, so compiling my own kernel is really easy.

>> How?

Editing a highly commented text file is better than having a menu for kernel configuration. If you follow the guidelines, everything is crystal clear.

Please have a look at:

>> Most of my network problems (Slow DNS resolution etc) has gone with BSD. It is really fast.

>> Rubbish. I'd take a look at how you were configuring it to start off with. Anyone worth their salt knows that comment is just daft because DNS is absolutely ubiquitous on a wide variety of Linux systems.

Just look at LQ ( for Slow DNS, you'll see what I mean. You'll see lots of recommendations regarding turning off ipv6, modifying modprobe.conf for undocumented switches etc, most of these simply don't work. Under FreeBSD, these problems simply don't exist.

>> I didn't have any hardware issues since I started working on it.

>>Wow. Exactly what are those hardware issues, because they aren't specified?

- My system locks up for no apparent reason.
- ALSA drops lots of sound frames for no apparent reason under Gnome / KDE (even I don't like it). Searching for information for 2 weeks didn't return any solutions.
- Network (especially DNS lookup) is extremely slow in general. And I'm searching to find a real solution for nearly 3 years. If the cause is slowness of my DNS servers, why BSD works but Linux does not?

Overall, that post at Arch Linux bbs was "So far so good" post. I'm not saying FreeBSD is better than Linux, nor the reverse. But Linux DOES have stability problems at core (both in Kernel and userspace), and I don't have much time to search & solve them anymore.

>> In every "I'm moving to BSD" comment I've ever seen a lot of extremely flimsy reasons such as these are pulled out of thin air. Saying that Linux is unstable and that BSD is faster doesn't make it so, nor does it mean anything to anyone.

That thread is not a flaming thread. Nobody is suing anyone there, and there is not a flame war. I still love Linux, but I don't have time solve things under it anymore.

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