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Amiga & AROS ACK has pretty much confirmed that their high-end Amiga system will use PA Semi chips. In an IRC session, Adam of ACK replied to the question how ACK was going to build a system faster than anything Apple ever produced on the PPC side: "Think PA Semi quad-core chips." Adam also said ACK started talks with PA Semi about a year ago, while also promising specifications of the high-end system to be released coming Monday.
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by _df_ on Sun 6th May 2007 13:43 UTC
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well if they can deliver a quad core pa-semi box, I'll buy one for linux work. I think that would be ultra sweet.. (and imo smells more like the target audience than os4).

The whole smp/64bit "its not a problem" smell is.. a bad smell. you dont just add smp overnight. locking, race conditions. blah.

as a linux board, I'll definitely buy one.

but until you can buy them, they remain just a smell...

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