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Multimedia, AV Everytime we feature a multimedia device review here at OSNews the question is always the same: "...but does it support OGG?". Well, this time we do have such a device in our lab to test out for you. sent us in the iRiver E10, a powerful multimedia music and video player.
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RE: Drag and Drop
by Doc Pain on Sun 6th May 2007 19:42 UTC in reply to "Drag and Drop"
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"This sounds great, but I really dislike it when players require some sort of media manager."

I agree. Some of these media managers are ugly as sin, near zero functionality and do not run on standard OSes.

To quote from the posting "On The Benefis of Iriver and Cowon DAPs" by project_2501:

The Iriver and Cowon devices didn't do that. They appear as USB removable storage so you can use any USB compatible OS - including windows, linux, solaris and macos. There's nothing to stop you using the 30Gb and 60Gb models as portable hard disks for your images or spreadsheets. You don't need proprietary software or drivers - just drag and drop your files. In todays market, I don't understand why I should use proprietary software which imposes restrictions on me.

So it seems you can use your favourite file manager, maybe something with clickityclick, drag and drop, or the Midnight Commander or even mount + cp/rm + umount (which is great for automated synchronization). How the files stored on the device are handled by its firmware may be different, of course.

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